Mementos of My Father

a poem written after reading "Letter to My Father" by Martín Espada

Mementos of My Father

after reading "Letter to My Father" by Martín Espada

In my eyes, you have always been something greater.
A man of pride and honor,
A father, craftsman, and debater.
Through your eyes,
You have shown me,
The extreme degree,
To which our modern society lies,
Under the extreme guise,
Of freedom and equality to exploit every devotee.
Through my growth and my journey to becoming my own individual
You led me through a path that was dividual.
Far from the dirt roads and paddocks of your past,
The contrast between our upbringings is vast.

Jakarta, Indonesia

Your understanding of how different cultures and societies act
Allowed me to live my life and feel that I could have an impact.
That I could make a change,
And leave our world with a legacy that many would see as strange.
No matter what obstacle you faced,
What was best for us was what you always chased.
For that I am eternally grateful,
and with the life you have given me I shall not be wasteful.

Thank you,